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The worlds lived by Zaroi Below are the 8 most recent journal entries recorded in the "Zaroi" journal:
May 29th, 2009
01:35 pm


You know what I hate?

I hate it when people wear their trousers so low that it looks silly.

See I don't mind when you can see a glimpse of their boxers or even a bit of bum.
Yesterday I saw this tall and skinny kid walking with his trousers extremely low. "How low?" His jeans started where his boxers ended... ( I'll give you a moment to create the mental image )

Normally I ignore people who make themselves look like an arse but this time I was quite intrigued and started to think about it.

"How is he able to walk?", "How does he keep his trousers up?", "What are the benefits?" and "WHY?" were the questions coming to my mind.

How is he able to walk? He did pretty fine when I saw him. It wasn't fast but he did make progress. I guess these trousers are extra wide on the top otherwise it would be impossible. Then again he was really skinny. Maybe that's why he wears them so low. They keep sliding down. His bum couldn't fill any trousers. He's probably one of those freaks of nature who's double jointed.

How does he keep his trousers up? A magnetic field? Is the belt resting on his basket? I thought that he had a belt in his boxers instead of an elastic band and garters running between his jeans and his boxers. This kid had a different solution. He had one belt going through just the front of his trousers and the rest round his hips and there was another belt he wore as it should be.

What are the benefits? Limitless if you ask me! There is enough room to put a laptop down your trousers. Some people are waiting for even smaller notebooks. That wouldn't be necessary any more if you wear your trousers like this. You could put a bag of popcorn, crisps, big bottle of coke and some wine-gums down there and walk into the theater without being checked! (This would bring new meaning to the term 'package'.) They won't ask you to lower your trousers to see if you were hiding anything. But then they need to buy special detectors like they have at the airport to see if you were smuggling any food inside. "Excuse me, sir. But I see you are hiding a candy bar in your underwear. What? Oh I'm so sorry!" This would be unfair to the people who wear their jeans as they should. So maybe create two lines in the theater? One for regular people and one for people who are wearing their jeans ridiculous low. Maybe it could even function as a parachute if those garters are strong enough? Just hang upside down. You could use the leg part of the trousers to steer while in the air.

Why? : Is it a statement against the fashion industry? Do people really think this is cool? No... the philosophy behind this is rather simple if you think about it. These people are so ugly that they have to show their ass to get a chance for a girl.  "Geez! Like OMG that guy is so fecking ugly and -- OMG! But 'is boxers are Hugo Boss and that hairy black caterpillar crawling down totally does it for me."

Please don't wear your trousers to low and if you do make sure you are wearing clean underwear. A couple of inches is fine.

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March 6th, 2009
07:05 pm


I'm fed up with reading IT related books.

Anybody have a good e-book for me?

Ulysses maybe?

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January 31st, 2009
02:23 pm


This is a very belated update on my brain surgery. Sorry for it but I'm not really a fan of LJ anymore. Long story..

Anyway here is the belated update on my brain surgery;

The operation went smoothly but ugh, it was a nasty one. First they had to flush the insides of my noise with a salty water. Nasty!
I will try to spare all the nasty details of the operation and just tell what people/furries want to hear.

Yes I was awake during the operation and only got locals.
Yes I could hear the drilling into my skull. And it sounds just like in the movies. Crackling bone. Reeeeally loud.

After they removed the blood clog they replaced it with a sort of balloon. This balloon will make sure that it won't happen again and it has to fill the empty space in my brain.

The week after the operation was horrible. I received many test like a personality test. Which was kinda awesome. :) The results of the test weren't really shocking. I'm a healthy boy and the operation hasn't changed me.

However; my brain wasn't really happy. I got random headache and pain in my ear. And I had a flue on top of it.

Now I'm completely recovered and some colors have returned. Did you know that santa actually wears a red coat and not orange?

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September 2nd, 2008
03:30 pm


Eurofurence report
Well... Where to start.

Day 1: In my previous posts I explained what happened to my car. It had a failing clutch. So the first day didn't really start off that well for me. Once my car was repaired I hurried to bander 's place to pick him up. Just like last year he prepared some sandwiches and drinks which I really needed. The drive to the con site was a bit weird. On the way to Bander I had to dodge a car exhaust which was on the road and during the whole trip we noticed a couple of cars with problems on the side. There was even 1 car on fire. There was also 1 car behind me which drove really fast. But he couldn't past me because I had a truck infront of me. Once the truck moved to the side I floored it and was able to clear some distance between me and this fast car of unknown brand. Once I hit +/- 180kmph I decided to move to the side and let this car past. Then I noticed it was a police car. "Oops". He simply drove off and continued. 

We arrived around 2am at the con site. We quickly put all our stuff in our rooms, met up with some people and then I decided to get some rest because I was awake for quite some time.

Day 2: Around 8am I got downstairs because I couldn't sleep of excitement and all the sugar in my system. :D Wasn't really a biggy because I could prepare everything for the dealers room and art show. Got something to eat and met up with my friends.

I managed to sell every issue of Heathen City during 2 hours. Eurofurence provided me with a security guard at the opening of the dealers room because they were afraid that they would over run me or steal stuff from me. And I also managed to sell everything in the art show.

The workshop I quickly put together and couldn't really prepare for was a huge success! There were more then 60 people at the beginning. Some left, and I don't blame me, because I was really, really nervous. I really didn't expected so many people to show up. But in the end we managed to pull it off and had a really nice dance sig. I couldn't be able to pull this off without the help of bander , footpad  and of course miyabisan . He had some really good tracks and to be honest... he played the best music during the whole con. I'm wondering if all these people showed up because I gave a way free Heathen City things or if they were interested in the workshop. :P

The last day of the con I spent with Kenket, Natulaus, Blue Panther, Patrix, Tigger ... 3 more of which I forgot their name already. >_< Stupid because they were their also at the Saterday dinner. Is someone could please give me the names of those then I can contact them. :P

It was really good to see ultraviolet , kurtbatz , loewi , bigbluefox , patrix_darkhoof , pegla , tristan_kitty , Wylde! , Blackferret, Gideon, Dark Natasha, pffff.... so many people.

But most off all I was really pleased to see shinigami_girl . And just like last year; I wish I could spent more time with you all. *sigh*

Anyway, It was a really nice con and I really enjoyed it. Oh! And I don't have a con crude. :P

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August 24th, 2008
10:53 pm


Eurofurence / Heathen City
Most of you already know that I will be selling the Heathen City comics at Eurofurence 14.
You can find me sitting next to my good friend blue_panther.

He and I will be sharing a table. So make sure to look either for me or for Bluey.
And in case you didn't know; Bluey also helped making the Heathen City card deck possible of which I'll be selling prints. So you can get a signature from the artist when you buy one. Or from me. :P

If you have any questions then please ask. Unless it is about issue 2. I'm not going to reveal any secret. :)
I might bother the artists who know me and attending the con as I have my own Heathen City project going and I still need some artists.

I'll be selling the comic, the carddeck and prints from the card deck. The plan was that I was going to sell T-shirts as well but the printshop forgot to process our order. Sorry Footpad. :(

And also attend my dance-workshop/sig. Which is aimed at people who are to afraid to get on the dance floor. Its simply about having fun. Lots of fun. :) Miyabi of Harddrive.fm will be behind the wheels of steel

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January 31st, 2008
04:57 pm


I was bored. :(

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August 11th, 2007
05:03 pm


Stay tuned

Current Mood: Mister-i-us

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March 10th, 2007
01:30 pm


!Friends only!
This journal is Friends only.

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